A Few of My Favorite {Baby} Things

It's funny how much baby paraphernalia you think you'll "need" with your first child compared to subsequent children. We lived in a TINY apartment when Oldest was born and we had so. much. stuff.

This time around, with Baby #3, I'm finding that I really don't need much. Diapers, clothes, a bed and a few other things. It got me thinking about some baby stuff that I don't really need, but is nice to have.

1. WubbaNub - Apparently, this is, like, the best pacifier EVER. Just read the reviews on Amazon. I have a friend who introduced me to the Wubbanub and her 5 month old absolutely loves hers. Apparently, because there's an animal attached to the paci, it's easier for the baby to keep it in it's mouth and find it if it gets lost.

We did not use paci's with our first two, but I did try. I didn't try too hard, though, because I thought it would interfere with breastfeeding (I'm a HUGE breastfeeding advocate!), but I really think it'll be ok and I'm determined to try harder this time to have Baby take a paci.

2. Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play Sleeper - I'm not sure who's idea it was to name this thing "Rock 'n Play", but nonetheless, I'm SUPER excited about trying this!! Again, read the reviews! Because the baby is enveloped in the bed, they're supposed to sleep better. I'll keep you posted! I'm really excited and hoping it works! (My other two were colicky and not very good sleepers in the very beginning.)

3. Lilypadz Reuseable Nursing Pads - I used these with my second baby, and I absolutely loved them. I make A LOT of milk and leak A LOT and I wore nursing pads for over a year with both girls. Lily Padz are great because they're REUSABLE, DISCREET and they actually PREVENT leaks! I highly recommend them for breastfeeding moms!

4. Soothies Gel Pads - These almost qualify as a need for me. During that first week or two, or 8, *cough* breastfeeding can be hard on your... *ahem*... breasts. The gel pads feel like HEAVEN if you're sore. Heaven, I say. I keep mine in the fridge for an extra little cooling comfort.

5. Robeez -I adore Robeez. I don't put hard-soled shoes on my babies and these are a WONDERFUL alternative. They are not cheap, though! There are some other less-expensive brands of soft-soled shoes that I've owned and I think they're all about the same. But they are my fave baby accessory. ;)

6. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - Again, what's with the corny name? I used a Boppy with my first two, and being a tall drink of water at 5'9", with half of that being my torso, the Boppy just didn't work that well for me. I ended up putting a pillow under it every time I used it. The My Breast Friend is very thick and very sturdy. As a bonus, it straps to you so theoretically you can nurse while walking around. But who wants to do that?

7. Nursing Tank - These are definitely not a necessity, however they are sooo nice to have. Especially for at night and if you nurse on your side. You don't have to hike up your shirt in bed. They also keep your post-pregnancy belly nicely covered while nursing in public. Love 'em.

What are your favorite baby items??

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  1. Loved reading your list! I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate also and I agree about the nursing tanks. If only I'd known about them with my first child...I would have saved myself lots of embarrassment! Hope you're feeling well!


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