To School or Not to School, THAT is the Question

Oldest turned 5 a few weeks ago and all summer I've been asked the inevitable, Will she be starting Kindergarten this fall? This is kind of a loaded question for me. What I should do is give a short and sweet answer like, "Yes" or "No." 

 Oldest had been asking for a mask like this for her birthday for months! What a cutie.

But instead, I usually feel the need to explain that "we'll be homeschooling and yes, we'll probably start "school" but it won't be taken too seriously because I'll have a newborn and she's still quite young and really, she knows everything she needs to for Kindergarten because we learn everyday and the kind of homeschooling we're going to do recommends we wait another year to REALLY start and..." 

See what I mean? It's a loaded question. Don't say I didn't warn you.

We'll be using the Charlotte Mason Method of homeschooling and Mason recommends starting actual school at the age of 6. Here's a great article on why to wait until age 6.

(Here's another link if you'd like to know more about Charlotte Mason.)

All of that to say... at the beginning of the summer I started planning out a light school year starting this fall. Baby #3 is due September 15th, so my expectations were VERY LOW. ;)

Initially, I wanted to start in August, take a break in September (when Baby comes), then pick back up in December or January. Unless of course, Baby is an angel, in which case we would start back up in November. ;)

So that was my plan.

Then I dropped the whole thing. I thought, What am I thinking?? I'm going to have a BABY right when school starts. That's insane! Also, I didn't want to push Oldest into school if she wasn't ready. I want her to play and just be little for as long as possible.

So then, there was no plan.

Now, I'm back to a plan, but it's going to be very simple and very relaxed. I had intended on a relaxed schedule in the first place simply because that's the Charlotte Mason way. Now my thought is, because we'll have a new baby in the house, a plan might not be a bad idea. I generally function a little better if I have some sort of idea of how our days should go. Of course, I realize that a plan is just that--a plan. I know things will still be chaotic and might not go accordingly, but at least I'll have something to fall back on.

Another reason to start this fall is because Oldest loves it. She loves "doing school" and will sit and write letters, read and draw all on her own. And honestly, starting some schooling with her will give me an excuse to spend time with her. Does anyone else have a hard time with that--making time?

The majority of our "schooling" will mostly be reading, reading, reading. I also want to incorporate Bible and Habit Training, for Oldest and myself. I need to develop better habits as well!

Here's another great article on what to do in Preschool/Kindergarten.

Based on this planning series from Simply Charlotte Mason, I made this weekly schedule:
(If you'd like one that's blank, let me know and I can send it to you. :) 

As you can see, I've left some spaces open for things that will change (habits, what books we're reading, etc.)

I realize I'm aiming high with this but I'd rather "aim for the stars and get the moon" then get nothing at all. :)



  1. We just had a new baby and I totally understand. Although, I'm hoping to be in somewhat of a routine when we start school up again in the Fall, I know that babies (and toddlers) like to make their own "routines". :) Wishing you the best as you begin the homeschooling journey. :)
    And blessings as you finish out your pregnancy!

  2. We LOVE CM and we LOVE our schedule. It makes homeschooling so easy. I don't really start mine till they're 8 but my 8 year old insisted on reading at 6 so she taught herself. (My older 2 read even younger which caused problems so the rest will wait.) Still we waited till 8 for the other stuff.

    Are you on Amblesideonline? I love their resources. Email me if you ever want to chat CM! pepper blossom at yahoo.

  3. Thanks, Heidi! :) Yes, we'll see how our schedule goes! I have NO expectations. At all. But it's nice to have something to fall back on. :)

  4. Jane - I'm REALLY excited about using the CM method!! :) I know I'm starting a *bit* early, but really, we'll mostly just read. Something we already do. :)

    I have checked out Ambleside. I'm not sure if we'll do that or CM Help. I have a few friends who've really been helping me to figure all that stuff out! I love that CM is so relaxed but there still are some decisions to make!


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