Pregnancy: Week 34

I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I'm starting to feel the pressure! (figuratively and physically *wink*) I feel like there's so much to do and time is running out! If only I had more energy... 

How I'm feeling physically: Tired and BIG. I'm having a difficult time doing the normal stuff now like, helping the girls with their shoes, putting clothes on, sitting or standing for long periods of time--both become uncomfortable. My sleep is restless, but it could be worse. I'm starting to get more of the itchy rash on the lower half of my belly so I've just been trying to manage it, mostly with coconut oil. I do have a cream from the doctor, but I hesitate to use it because it's steroidal. :(

On the bright side, I can hardly wait to hold my little baby boy! I can't wait to kiss his little cheeks/toes/fingers!! *eek!*

How I'm feeling emotionally: For a while there I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, to be honest. Mostly because of some behavioral issues I'd been having with the girls. After talking with a few friends though and really praying about it and handing it over to the Lord, things have been getting better. I've been trying to let some things go, in terms of behavior. (This is a GREAT article from Femina that touches on that.) I've been trying to make sure that I'm not over-parenting and am just trying to deal with the major stuff. The "heart" stuff, if you will.

How'dya like the belly button? -->

To do before Baby comes:

  • Make cloth wipes. I have a bunch of PINK flannel receiving blankets that will make great wipes!
  • Finish cloth napkins and place mats (I have most of the napkins done)
  • Set up baby's room (not sure where that's going to be yet!)
  • Purchase cloth diapers - just enough to get started as I'm not sure which kind I'll like yet. There are SO many to choose from!
  • Find a dresser for Baby (on the cheap!)
  • I'd like to get some schedules in place; for the home (in case Hubby needs to know what to do) and for our LIGHT homeschool this fall. I'm trying to finish my forms, then I'll be sharing them on here. :) 
  • I'd like to get our living room ready for Hubby to paint, but I might be aiming too high with that one. It would entail taping, moving everything away from the walls and washing them. That might have to wait as just typing all of that makes me tired. *yawn*
  • Schedule a MASSAGE! Whoopie! Husband keeps asking what I want for my birthday and I really just want a nice, quiet, relaxing massage. That's all. ;)

Well, that's me. What have you been up to? 


  1. How is the list coming? Paint prep definitely sounds like a man's job, not a pregnant woman's job.

    Are you new to cloth diapers? I have threatened to use them with every baby and never did. This time I'm determined to infant potty train. I'm so excited! I tried a little with my last one but I waited too long and gave up.

  2. HA! Yes, I've done NOTHING in terms of paint prep!! That was aiming A LITTLE TOO HIGH. ;)

    We are new to cloth--I'm kind of excited. I, too, entertained the idea with my other 2, but it never worked out.

    Let me know how the infant potty training goes. I did that a little with my first and she responded well, but I gave up so then she was potty trained at 3 1/2(!).


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