Hello World! (And pregnancy thoughts)

Hello! And welcome to my (new) blog! Some of you might have followed along with my other blog and might be wondering why I've started another one. One word: Privacy. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable using my children's names in public so that anyone could see. Coincidentally, I just read this article which pretty much sums up how I feel! So here we are! Thanks for reading!

As I write this I'm about 32 weeks pregnant with Baby #3, who we know is a boy. Yay! I'm getting very excited to meet this little guy. I keep wondering What color hair will he have? What's his personality like? It's amazing to me, just having 2 children, noting the differences in them. Two children come from the same two parents and they are almost NOTHING alike. Life is amazing, isn't it?

How I'm feeling physically: Tired, tired and more tired. I'm back to taking naps almost every day (like in the first trimester). I also think I might need to increase my water intake. I've been sort of slacking off in that department. That really helps with my energy and attitude.

I'd like to say I should do more walking-that it might help my energy levels-but honestly, it's the LAST thing I feel like doing. I've been having a little bit of pelvic pain, so standing and walking for long periods of time is not the easiest. Am I wrong in thinking this gets worse with every pregnancy?

I've been having a tiny bit of leg cramping, but nothing compared to the other two pregnancies. At least, not so far.. 

How I'm feeling emotionally: Crabby, crabby and more crabby. :( I've had the worst attitude lately. I'm trying so hard (read: PRAYING) to just keep things simple and not let the little things bother me, but it's no easy task some days! If you think of it, pray for me! I'm not sure if it's hormones or just that I'm getting to the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy (read: Bending over to pick something off of the floor seems like a gargantuan task).

On the other hand, I'm soooooooo excited to meet this little guy!! I just. can't. wait. Having a boy will be such a new thing for us and I'm really looking forward to it.

Hooray for my first post on my new blog! :) Don't forget to add me to your Feedly! Or sign up via email! (See the sidebar)

Thank you!

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